Welcome to Prodigy Graphics & Website Design!

Website Design and Development is our specialty.

Prodigy Graphic Design and Website Design offers a wide range of professional and affordable web and graphic design services.  We are located in Little Rock, so if you are in central Arkansas, we will gladly meet with you in person.  Otherwise, we offer our services globally via the internet.

All of our designs are user-serviceable.  We provide technical training for staff as well as support for issues that arise over time regarding any of our website designs and website development strategies.

Informational (non-ecommerce) Websites are essential in today’s global economy.  People today find you by using their computers and smart phones.  To compete with other businesses, you simply must have a website with a compelling website design.  If you are selling a service, such as lawn care or legal, of a tangible product, such as candles or bicycles, you need a great website design.  Not-for-profit organizations also need websites to fulfill their missions, make public announcements, provide education, and solicit funding.  Even if you just want to tell a story or send a message, whether it be to document a life event such a as wedding or share a recipe, a website is the easiest and best way to reach a wide audience.






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